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Box Message Scrolls a message in a textbox. When the user clicks in the box, however, the scrolling text is stopped and the box can be used normally.
Classic Scroll This is the classic scroll that you see EVERYWHERE! This script is also highly configurable (as are most in TJS). One more thing. Be aware that this effect does eventually get very annoying.
Cryptic Scroller This script displays a cryptic series of numbers in the status bar at the bottom of the browser and decrypts it one letter a time.
Date Time Scroll Yes, this is another JavaScript scroll. But, unlike the others, this one has the date & time included at the front of the first message! It looks very professional!
Editor This is a very cool way to show you a little bit better how Javascript works. Go ahead. You can manipulate several different variables and then see the effects on the scroll box.
Expanding Text Draw attention to information on your site with JavaScript-powered expanding text! Just enter the text you want to use, the max size you want it to reach, and speed it should "grow" and it's ready to go.
Flasher This script simply flashes (hence the name) a message on and off on your statusbar. This script probably got your attention better than the Classic Scroll but, is not used as much. The Flasher is just not as well known as the Classic Scroll.
Keyboard Slider Now you can move images and objects across the screen by simply using keys from the keyboard.
Layer Scroller Provides controls to scroll the layer at varying speeds. Can be used with your own graphics and layout to creatively present your content.
Line Scroller An impressive single line news ticker with smooth scrolling motion. Supports any valid HTML within the scroll text, including images or links. Really easy to position on your page, just place the "tickpos" anchor where you want the scroller to appear.
Marquee (Internet Explorer preferred) This JavaScript scrolls information back and forth across a page - the message appears to float back and forth! If you don't have Internet Explorer, it'll just show the message on the screen.
Message Slideshow A form box message slideshow that rotates among infinite number of messages. Each message is associated with a unique URL, and clicking the button will take the surfer to a different URL, depending on when he/she clicks it.
News Scroller Scrolling words along the bottom of the page is cool and all, but this one takes the cake.... You can scroll text, links, images, buttons, basically anything you want, in a little news like box on your site. And, you can have as many messages as you want.
One Letter This script will scroll one letter at a time of your message until the entire message has been displayed!
Scrolling Textarea A script that scrolls the contents of a textarea automatically.
Select Menu A select menu that scrolls that rotates the items to give the appearance that they are scrolling. Useful if you would like a scroller inside a table cell or to be compatible with older browsers.
Self Correcting Text (Internet Explorer Only) Simulates a typewriter that can correct its own mistakes. Create your own messages and display them with this unique script.
Shrinking Scroller Your message is initially expanded with extra spaces but then slowly compressed to fit the message in the status bar.
Text Effect Draw attention to information on your site with JavaScript-powered expanding text! Just enter the text you want to use, the max size you want it to reach, and speed it should "grow" and it's ready to go.
Textarea Scroller Saves a great deal of space on a page by displaying an infinite amount of news, updates, or other information to your site's visitors in a textarea box through a typewriter style display. Internet Explorer users can also see a colored background in the textarea. The size of the textarea and the messages are all customizable.
Textbox This is another version of the infamous scroll. Although, this one scrolls your information in a text box and is far less annoying that most of the status bar scrollers.
Typing Textarea A script that types text, one letter at a time, into a TEXTAREA.
Typewriter Scroller Just add the below where you wish the scroller to appear. Change "Welcome to my website!" to your own message.
Typing Text Use Haitham's Typing Text script to display messages in an animated fashion. Unlike similar scripts, both the typing speed and pause between messages can be easily configured.
Up Down Vertical This script allows the user to scroll a vertical box up and down with two buttons. Allows them to read the information at their own pace, or scroll back and read any information they wish. The scroller window can also be set to open automatically!
Vertical This is not like the other Scroller scripts in this category - thise one scrolls the page vertically! (up and down!!)
Vertical Boxes This is probably the most interesting scroll that doesn't use the browser's status bar (the bar at the bottom of the screen) or a text box on the page. Instead, it scrolls vertically up and down multiple text boxes!
Write Slide This again is a very simple scroll. It keeps adding letters one by one across the status bar until the entire message is written out. Then, it quickly scrolls the entire to the left, until it is disappears from the status bar. Then the whole process starts again