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Basic Slideshow This slideshow allows you to browse through the images manually or automatically.
Boinger Window Launches a popup window that continually switches back and forth between two settable sizes. The cycle time and location are settable and may switch back and forth in the timing cycle.
Born Which Day I'm sure most of you are curious about what day of the week you were born. This script will tell you exactly that - in a nice layout, as well.
Browser Check It's often necessary to make a script only accessible to the newer browsers (that can support the script without error) and keep older browsers from trying to work with it.
Character Table Ever have a hard time remembering the "&#xx;" codes to print out certain special characters? This neat little script will print out the code and it's symbol for you!
Check Plugins (Netscape Only) This script will check to see if you have the Shockwave and the Quicktime plugin installed. If you plan to display Shockwave or Quicktime information on your web site, you could use this page to remind your visitors if they do or do not have the specified plugin installed. In the "success" phrase, you might put in the hyperlink to the text. Also, you can change the plugin that the JavaScript tries to detect.
Check Mimes This script will beautifully display all the mime types you have installed on the visitor's browser. For instance, this might be used to check for the Quicktime Mime before displaying the Quicktime information (Navigator only).
Coin Flipper When you do not have a coin, use this quick and easy virtual coin-flipping script.
Days Ahead This script will print out a date a certain number of days ahead of the current date. Just enter how many days ahead you want to display, and it will print out that date! Useful on order forms (tell a visitor after they order that you must receive their order by a date 3 weeks from today, etc.
Directory If you were thinking about creating a searchable directory, this script can help. Just cut and paste the script, edit the appropriate directory information, and you have your own Javascript directory!
Eyes Here is a great JavaScript version of the classic Windows "eyes" program - you know, the eyes follow your mouse around the screen? (Only works with Netscape 4.0+)
French Translator If you have ever wondered how to say a simple phrase in French, this script can help you out. Simply enter what you would like to say, and the translation is given to you.
Html Builder Occasionally, a web page provider does not offer an HTML editor with the web site accounts they provide. If that's the case with you or if you just don't like the editor you have, you might give this JavaScript HTML Builder a whirl.
Icq Status Do you use ICQ (I Seek You), the neatest chat program ever? ICQ offers a neat way to check through the Internet if another ICQ user is currently logged on.
Layers (Requires Netscape 4.0 or better) Here's a perfect example of Netscape's newest feature - layers. Layers can seemingly "float" objects around this screen, pictures, tables, text, etc
Load Alerts It's really neat to welcome your visitors and especially cool to say good bye! This script will use JavaScript to greet and 'see out' your visitors.
Madlib Caesar Almost all of us have played that funny Madlib game. But, how many of us have played it in JavaScript? So, be the first on your block to play Madlibs - JavaScript enhanced!
Madlib Unknown Here is another of those wonderful madlibs. This time, however, you have no idea of what the topic is! It's always funnier that way!
Maze Builder Just enter the number of rows and columns you want and JavaScript will instantly build you a maze. Each one it builds is different, too. Simply print it out and have fun! You just have to choose the starting point yourself, however.
Meta Maker To get higher on search engines, you're going to have to use Meta Tags. If you don't know how to write them for yourself, use this JavaScript! Just enter the information about your site and it'll spit out the Meta Tags that you need to put on your pages (in the HEAD tags).
Modify Variable Removes a character from a variable's value in a string. For example, if you tell it that number equals 0.09876 and to remove the period, afterwords number equals 009876.
Mouse Direction Changes the cursor arrow to point in the direction of mouse movement. Internet Explorer only.
Mouse Comet This script creates the effect of a comet following the mouse around the browser window.
Mp3 Playlist Create an M3U playlist by selecting some MP3 files on your hard drive. The M3U file works in nearly all MP3 players.
R Numbers Use this script to pick 16 random numbers. Lottery, for fun or whatever.
Random Midi If you would like to play a little music on your web site, this script will be perfect for you. However, in this example, no music will play - you just need to make the script reflect the midi's you would like to use.
Refresh Sometimes, it may be necessary to forward visitors autmatically (or in a certain number of seconds) to another page. If you move to a different server, you might put this script at the old server pointing visitors to the new server.
Search This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive JavaScript search engine I have ever seen. You just put in your search term(s), select a few options, and then you have pages of search results!
Set Home Page (Internet Explorer 5.0+ only) Allow your visitors to quickly and easily change Internet Explorer's default home page to your site's URL with the click of a button! Great for keeping your visitors coming back to your site! Other browsers will not see anything, and will not get any errors.
Shy Button Try to click the wrong answer with this clever script.
Site Search How would you like a Search Engine for YOUR site? This script does exactly that. Copy the codes to your site, enter the listings information, and you've got your own site search engine!
Stars Probably one of the coolest "layers" effects ever, stars actually float around the screen and follow your mouse cursor! Looks great on a black or white background!
State Trivia Displays trivia facts about any of the 50 states when selected from the pulldown menu. Facts include state capital, date admitted into the union, state flower, and state bird. The script could be modified to display details about products you sell, members in a club, etc.
Strobe Yet another cool layers effect. Strobe will fade your message in and out.
Tournament Enter up to 8 players in a tournament and this script will help track the tournament results. Just enter each players name, then indicate if they won that level of tournament, click the checkbox or the button with their name. If they won, they advance to the next level.
User Quiz If you'd like to present your visitors with a JavaScript quiz, this script would be perfect. It administers and scores the test, and even catches the user if they try to cheat! You can even make additional quizzes for it to continue with after the first quiz.
Virus Use JavaScript to give your visitors a little scare. Some of the more gullable visitors will even close be convinced that their computer has been completely contaminated.... Just another neat JavaScript effect.