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Acceleration JavaScript can help you find acceleration equivalents.
Area JavaScript can help you find area equivalents.
Ascii Engine Enter any keyboard character and the Ascii Engine outputs the character's equivalent in Ascii Decimal, Ascii Hex, and even binary.
Base Converter Converts input between binary, ternary, quintal, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases. Try entering a string of zeroes and ones in the binary field - when you click off, the script displays that number of the other bases.
Degrees Radians Use JavaScript to convert Degrees to Radians and vice versa.
Energy JavaScript can help you find energy equivalents.
Euro Converter Click a country button to display currency name and full fixed euro exchange rate. Press Clear to empty the value boxes and enter either Euro or Local amount to convert. Click the appropriate button for conversion of euro To Local or of local To Euro. Conversion will display selected currency exchange rounded to two decimal places.
Hertz Converter Convert between frequency and beats per minute (i.e. 8 octaves lower). Enter a number in either field, then click outside the text box.
Hex Rgb Converter Converts Hex to RGB and back in real-time. Also displays current value as background color.
Japanese Pronunciation Enter youe name and this script will display how it should be pronounced in Japanese.
Kb To Mb Have you ever been confused about the number of kilobytes in a megabyte, or vice-versa? Now you can convert between kilobytes and megabytes with ease.
Length JavaScript can help you find length equivalents.
Mass JavaScript can help you find mass equivalents.
Metrology JavaScript can help you find metrology equivalents.
Morse Code Converts an English word or phrase into it's Morse Code combination of dots and dashes. Analyzing each letter entered individually, as this script demonstrates, is a very useful JavaScript programming technique.
Phone Number Converter Converts an alphanumeric phone number (like to its numeric phone number (like 18003569377). An excellent example of the JavaScript switch() function in use.
Power JavaScript can help you find power equivalents.
Pressure JavaScript can help you find pressure equivalents.
Rgb To Hex Converts the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value you enter to its appropriate HTML hexademical value. Allows you to use the same color on a web page and in a graphics editor program.
Temperature JavaScript can help you find temperature equivalents.
Temperature2 Another way to use JavaScript to find temperature equivalents.
Time Converter Allows for the conversion back and forth from hours, minutes, and seconds to fractional hours. Input validation also ensures the time input does not contain invalid characters. Definitely a time-saver for time-related record keeping.
Url Revealer Spammers now frequently send their website addresses in an encoded form, hoping to hide its true origin and prevent being reported to their web host. This script allows you to convert these URLs into human-readable form so that you may complain to the spammer's web host and get their account shut down.
Velocity Another way to use JavaScript to find velocity equivalents.
Write Out Number This script takes a number and converts it to its English equivalent. If you enter 45678 in the number box and click the appropriate button, Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Eight appears in the lower box.