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Analogue Clock : Use this script to display the analog time statically in the lower right corner of your page. With such an attractive clock firmly in place, how could anyone lose track of the time?
Age Finder This script will tell you how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds old you are and how long until your next birthday!
Alarm Clock (IE Only) Set an alarm that will play any sound from your computer. You can even select a snooze time after it sounds.
Bar Clock Display hours, minutes, and seconds in bars, also gives you hours, minutes, seconds, and complete time with AM, PM status.
Basic Clock This clock continuously updates without the use of a text box. Easily position anywhere on your site.
Binary Clock This clock displays the time in the binary format.
Button Time Here's a pretty neat way to show what time it is - in a little button!
Clock Type A script that can display the current time in "Military Time" or "12 Hour Time" with the push of a button
Corner Clock A live clock that displays itself in the upper left corner of the screen. Requires NS 4+ or IE 4+. All other browsers will simply see nothing. The font size of the clock can be changed.
Countup-Down A stopwatch to count up and down, separately or together.
Current Date 1 A script to write the current date to your web page. Looks very professional.
Current Date 2 A script that displays the current date in the format of Saturday, June 13, 2001.
Current Date 3 A script that displays the current date in the format of 2001/05/11.
Current Date 4 A script that displays the current date in the format of 05/11/2001.
Current Full date with special holidays notification : This is a script that displays the current date in the format: day, Month, date, year. As a bonus, it also notifies your surfers of special holidays when they arrive (by writing out the holiday's name). To see how it works change the date on your computer to January 1 and re-load the page.
Current Time Use JavaScript to put the current time on your page. It even follows the time in A.M. and P.M.!
Current Week Displays the date the current week starts on. Useful if you want a new link each week or just to show the first day of the current week.
Current Week of the year There are 52 weeks in a year...use this unique script to display the week we're currently in!
Date Time Put the current date & time on your page with this cool little JavaScript coding. All of 3 lines.....
Date Time This is the somewhat longer way to put the current date & time on your page. It writes in a longer date and time format than the previous date & time script.
Days Old How long have you had that job? How many days old are you? Find the answers to these questions and more!
Digital Clock Displays the time like a real digital clock. Changes rapidly and includes hours, minutes, seconds and AM/PM indication.
Dynamic Clock (Version 4.0+ browsers) Using layers, JavaScript can display a real-time clock your page. This is a really professional way to add that special touch to your web page. And, watch as the clock on your page updates every second. All done without using forms.
Future Date This script will print out a date a certain number of days in the future. You can tell a customer their order will be filled by the date in the future, etc.
Iso Clock Displays the date and time in accordance with the ISO 8601 standard.
Live Clock Displays a live clock on your web page!
Live Clock 2 This script will display a TRUE live clock, without forms. You will need IE 4+ or NS 6+ to view it
On-Off This JavaScript example will display a JavaScript clock with an optional on/off switch.
Proper Date This little script will help you return the "proper" day ending - August 1st, August 2nd, August 3rd, etc.
Proper Time Very creative script that displays the current time using casual English...
Scroll Clock Analog style clock that remains in the corner of the browser window, even when scrolling.
Silly Clock This analog clock will follow your cursor around the screen and continuously update.
Star Trek Date Are you a Star Trek fan? Do you live in the Star Trek world more often than you do in this one? Then you'll love this script! It displays the current date in Star Trek format (Star Date).
Status How about putting a little clock (and date) display on your status bar!?!?
Stopwatch It's always fun to play with a stopwatch - even in JavaScript! This stopwatch does even include the basic features of Start, Stop, and of course, Reset. Bythe way, the time is not the regular seconds readout that you are probably used to. It displays in milliseconds! Therefore, 1000 = 1sec, 5000 = 5 sec, etc...
Till Christmas Let your visitors know how many more days until Christmas. On the day before Christmas, the script indicates that it is Christmas Eve. You may also see how the script reacts to different dates by changing the date on your computer then reloading the script.
Till Date This little JavaScript will take an event or date in the future and compare it to the current date, then display how many days until that date/event occurs.
Time and Date This will show an updating clock and date in a small box.
Time and Date 2 This is similar to the previous example except that it is in a one line box.
Time and Date 3 This is a simple example of a JavaScript which tells the time and date
Time Remaining Have you ever wanted to know the exact amount of time remaining until a certain time on a certain day? This script uses a textbox and to display days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Time Till Hour If your page requires a more sophisticated way to display the time, you'll love this script. It will write in the format, 'XX Till Hour'. It's ten past three in the afternoon, for example.
Title Bar (Internet Explorer only) Displays a clock in the browser window's title bar at the top of the screen after the page's title. (This does not seem to work in frames).
Wall Clock A digital JavaScript clock on your site is impressive, but having a wall clock on your site is incredible! The second, minute, and hour hands even move according to the current time. Best of all, you do not need any picture images to make it work!
Week Dates Displays the start and end dates for the current week. Code updated to be more efficient and shorter, too.
World Times Displays many different times of the world.
World Clock By using your computer's clock, you can calculate the time in other time zones all over the world! Useful if you communicate across different time zones for business or leisure.
Xmas Countdown This script will count down to Christmas and New Years Eve.