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2 Way Background Images Slide Runs an image slideshow in the background of the page, underneath the page content. Used with the accompanying style script, images are discretely positionable in the page space, just like a regular slideshow. Leave out the style script, and the slideshow runs with full page-space presentation. IE 4.0+ or NS 6.0 (degrades gracefully in others)
Alien Spacecraft An alien spacecraft hovers around the background of the page using JavaScript and DHTML. Best used with a space background.
Astronaut Watch as the astronaut floats around in space. His random movements over the background of moving stars gives the perception of space travel.
Background Changer (IE Only) Changes the page's background to each of the images on the page as you touch them. The background returns to white when you move your cursor off the image.
Ball Drop Click anywhere on the page and a ball will drop from the cursor and rebound several times based on gravity. Updated to be WC3 DOM1 cross browser compatible!
Bg Fader Use JavaScript to fade the background from red to black, and back.
Bg Scroller The background image is actually scrolled on the page
Blinker This script allow you to quickly blink the background. With a click of a button, the background changes from white to blue and back several times to return to white
Bouncing Image Randomly bounces an image, or anything within a DIV, across the page. Click on the image to start and stop it from moving.
Cell Bg Changer (Internet Explorer Only) Changes the background color of a table's TD cell and the mouse cursor to a hand when you hover over the cell. Clicking acts like a normal link.
Color Chooser (Internet Explorer Only) Choose background and foreground colors by directly entering the amount of red, green or blue. Allows you to increment or decrement using the " + " or " - " buttons also.
Color Table JavaScript helps you manipulate the background of the document. Either choose the color you want by its name, or create a unique color by using the "+" and "-" Red, Green, and Blue buttons. A really neat effect.
Color Wheel This JavaScript will change the background from one color to the next for each of the 10 colors then it starts the loop over again! There is also an On/Off button to let you start and stop the JavaScript.
Color Adjuster Allows for the fine tuning of the window's background color via red, green, and blue color buttons. Click a button to change the color value manually, or use the '>' and '<' to change the amount of that color in the background.
Cursor Changer Use your cursor to select your background color.
Dual Scroller Scrolls HTML elements within a DIV. A version of the HTML Scroller modified to display a DIV on both the left and right side of the window for both IE and Netscape.
Fade In This JavaScript coding will load a blank screen, fade the background, and then bring you to the destination page
Fader This script, once started, will continuously loop the background color
Fireworks Produces a multi-colored fireworks display as the background of the page. Works in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
Floating Hearts Celebrate Valentine's day on your web site with a dozen hearts floating randomly around the page.
Full Size Image Resizes any image to fit the current dimensions of the browser window. Works best with high resolution images but works with any image
Growing Image Resizes an image to the size given to the function. The number of steps and total length of time of the transition can be controlled. Internet Explorer Only.
Htm Scroller Scrolls HTML elements within a DIV. Can be modified to scroll vertically or horizontally.
Link Colors With every new letter that you touch, JavaScript tells the computer to give the document a new background color.
List Changer This is a very simple background changer. It just takes the selected value from the list and makes that the background color.
Logo Fader Fade any image horizontally and vertically. Can be positioned anywhere on the page
Matrix (Internet Explorer Only) Simulate the Matrix by choosing one of the links. The window closes after the whole string is printed.
Menu Sliding Image (Internet Explorer Only) Provides a navigation menu with a moving image behind the menu!
Mouse Fireworks With each click of the mouse a flurry of fireworks explodes from that spot on the page. You may also use your own images if you want.
Particle Field Illustrates movement of stars (or snow) depending on the direction of the mouse.
Persistent Layer Float a layer on the screen so that it stays in place while a user scrolls the page. It has an animation script that slides the layer into position. Netscape 6 compatible!
Random Background Get a random background color with the touch of a button. This script uses 15 pre-determined background colors and then randomly chooses one. This is a great effect if you know what background colors don't interfere with the text on your page. Then, you can make them the 15 pre-determined background colors.
Random Colors Every times a visitor comes to a page with this script in effect, they get a different foreground and background color.
Random Images As an alternative to background colors and random background colors, JavaScript allows you to have random background images. Just take a look at the background of this page then hit reload.
Rain (Version 4.0+ Browsers) Appears as if it is raining on your web page! The effect is accomplished by using DHTML in layers. You can easily customize the number of raindrops and how fast they fall.
Rainbow Fade Another way to get your visitor's attention - with a rainbow fade!
Roulette Select a new background color on this roulette wheel! Stop each wheel and hit "view" to see that background color wheel combination!
Shake Screen California has earthquakes, and so does JavaScript1.2 ! This short JavaScript code will actually shake your browser window by using the moveBy() function, somewhat like a web browser earthquake!
Snow Dozens of snowflakes carelessly drift back and forth as they float down the browser window. You can even adjust the speed that the snowflakes move.
Sound Due to the different nature that Netscape and other browsers use a background sound, getting it to work for your visitors can be difficult unless you use this script. It will determine which browser they have and print the background sound command correctly for that browser!
Space Trip Travel through space with this cool background effect.
Star Field Appears as if you are flying through a star field in space.
Stubborn Image Chase the image across the screen with your mouse, but you will never catch it.
Text Blinker JavaScript 1.2 (found in version 4.0 browsers) provides this neat effect: the text changes color every second.
Type A Color Visitors just type their favorite color in the box and click a button. The background is instantly changed to their favorite color!
Write Layer Display, hide, and change layers in all browsers.